CDC members are required to purchase medical insurance each year through the program that POWRI has negotiated with Sports Insurance Specialists. Driver membership fee is $60, which provides each Dwarf driver the following:

$100,000 Secondary Insurance Policy with $10,000 Deductible, Last in Line, Full Excess Medical Coverage, Benefit Percentage – 100% of Allowable Expense Personal Deductible Insurance, Loss Period – 90 Days from Accident, Benefit Period – Payable 52 Weeks from Accident, Coverage starts upon signing the pit waiver form and entering the pits. Coverage ends when promoter allows the general admission fans to enter the pits following the end of the races. Only the races listed on CDC's schedule will be covered. CDC will receive reports upon request listing those that have paid. You will not be allowed to race a CDC santioned race if insurance has not been paid. Before you click on the logo below, have your My Race Pass account email address and password as well as your Paypal login credentials. You will receive via email receips from POWRI and Paypal. After you pay via Paypal, click the Return to Merchant link and look for Printable Receipt link.
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Thank you. CDC Board